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Today's Reflection . . .

  "Do not make any distinction between Sri Ramakrishna. and me. Meditate and pray to the particular aspect of the Divinity revealed to you. Worship ends with absorption in meditation. Start [meditation] on your heart and end on the head. Mantra nor scripture is of any avail; Bhakti or devotion alone accomplishes everything. Sri Ramakrishna is everything — both Guru and Ishtam. He is all in all."  (– Maa Sarada, The Gospel of the Holy Mother, p. 22)  
Ten Recently Posted Reflections

"We must electrify the society, electrify the world. Idle gossip and barren ceremonials won't do . . . Let some of you spread like fire, and preach this worship of the universal aspect of the Godhead . . . Spread ideas — go from village to village, from door to door — then only there will be real work". – Swami Vivekananda